Critic 1 (GOC)

“As director Jessica Bird sees it, our journey to adulthood forces us into a black and white world, with emotions tamped down, angry outbursts perpetually held in check. So her dazzling production at New Village Arts is all black and white – from the props to the costumes, to the stunning set. When frustration and resentment mount – within and between the couples — and the veneer is stripped away, the impassioned acts are physicalized in bright primary colors – projectile vomiting in electric blue, vase water in screaming yellow, etc. The infantile behavior creates a Crayola-colored mess…Watching it is somehow liberating and fun, more fun here than in prior productions I’ve seen. Bird’s take on the play is not realistic from the get-go. Things devolve, but not in expected ways, and that makes it even more entertaining, however horrifying.”

Pat Launer, Center Stage Critic

God Of CarnageMax Pete